Oenovideo, the International Grape and Wine Films Festival

The world’s oldest festival dedicated to the valorization of the image
of grape and wine through documentary films and cinema

"Velut luna statu variabilis semper crescis"

The opening verse of the famed Carmina Burana, "like the moon, ever changing, ever waxing", could serve as the motto for the Oenovideo Festival. Now in its 18th edition, the Oenovideo Festival is growing at a rapid pace, while staying faithful to its original intent. Oenovideo still follows its founding principles, which have played a major role in its success:

Meeting place: To provide an opportunity for wine and film professionals to get to know each other, at a time of profound changes in consumers' approach to wine and in how wines and terroirs can best be presented to them.

Diversity: To bring together the various branches of the grape and wine world: growers, producers, institutions and local government, recognizing their differences, without exception, while fostering a spirit of togetherness that celebrates the creative potential of each.

Discovery: To keep in close contact with the vineyard, while retaining the festival's itinerant nature. Each year, cities submit their candidacies, and one is chosen to host the new edition of Oenovideo.

Innovation: To accompany the wine industry in its evolution and to stay in tune with the new global marketplace. Since 2006, the festival has accepted English-language films and put together an international jury. Other new features include the Best of Oenovideo meetings and the Terroirs d'Images photo exhibit, which in 2006 focused on wine country landscapes, in 2007 on the winegrower's craft, in 2008 on animals and flowers in the vineyard, in 2009 on old stones and architectural heritage in the vineyard, in 2010 water and the grapevine and in 2011 Tree & wood from the vineyard to the winery.

A few facts about the festival

  • 18th edition in 2011
  • In 18 years, more than 990 films in competition and 160 films get awards
  • Each year, about 80 films in competition, from more than 10 countries and television stations
  • Since 2006, more than 600 photographies selected amongst more than 4000 entries, printed in large formats and put on display during the festival.

Partner awards:

Association Nationale des Élus du Vin (ANEV), Association Vin-Santé-Plaisir de Vivre (VSPV), Bayer CropScience, Académie Amorim, la Revue des œnologues, Fédération International des Journalistes et Écrivains du Vin (FIJEV), Imaginarium, Savour Club and the city which invite the festival.

Judges include renowned figures from the world of cinema. Some jury presidents: Jean François Bazin, Axel Brucker, Catherine Lamour, Yves Rousset Rouard, Robert Tinlot, Michel Leeb, Marc Rivière, Edouard Molinaro…

Since 2005, the official awards ceremony has been held at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris during the month of September.

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