2008 Terroirs d’Images Photo Exhibit on the Theme of “Animals and Flowers in the Vineyard”

Amateur and Professional Photographers:

Get out your cameras! Head out into the vines!

The 2008 Terroirs d’Images® photo exhibit will be on the theme of “Animals and Flowers in the Vineyard”. In full bloom, the vineyard is full of life. It is therefore one of the best moments for photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, to venture out amongst the vines and to capture on film the animals and flowers that make their home there.

Itinerant and entirely devoted to photos of grapes and wine, this original exhibit will be held during Oenovideo 2008, the world’s oldest documentary film festival solely dedicated to grape growing and winemaking. Each year, the exhibit gathers the best work from amateur and professional photographers based on a common theme. Since its creation, it has received support from loyal partners: Bayer CropScience and Estates & Wines, who give out the "Discover the Flavours of the World" Award, which includes a trip to New Zealand for the best amateur photographer.

The grapevine’s natural environment is very rich. It offers an extraordinary home for wild animals and is an opportunity for photographers to take unusual, poetic or high-precision pictures.

A multitude of animals of all sizes find shelter and nourishment throughout the year in the vineyard, hidden under leaves, stuck to grape clusters, attracted by the fragrant flowers or the highly coloured berries: insects, larvae, butterflies, caterpillars, spiders, snails, centipedes, rabbits, quail, partridges, hares, wild boars, blackbirds, thrushes, starlings, turtledoves and many more.

A great variety of aromatic plants and flowers also grow amidst the grapevines, adding a diverse array of colours and smells.

Grapevines are grown throughout the world, and in many places, animals and flowers not commonly found in Europe are sometimes seen in vineyards: bears, parrots, snakes, kangaroos amongst others.

The Terroirs d’Images® photo exhibit attempts to pay homage to this extraordinary biodiversity. It gives amateur and professional photographers the opportunity to present the fruits of their passion. Each year, the awards ceremony is held in September at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris.

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Estates & Wines Award: "Discover the Flavours of the World"

For the third straight year, exhibit partner Estates & Wines will recognise the talent of an amateur photographer by presenting the "Discover the Flavours of the World" Award.

In 1985, David Hohnen, winery founder, and Kevin Judd, oenologist/photographer, were attracted by their pioneering spirit to Marlborough on the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island in order to grow Sauvignon Blanc with unique and powerful aromas. Very quickly, Cloudy Bay Vineyards became the reference in New Zealand for Sauvignon Blanc, gaining a reputation that now extends to the winery’s other wines.

The winner of the “Discover the Flavours of the World” will receive a one-week trip to Cloudy Bay Vineyards in New Zealand. With support from the winery staff and from photographer Kevin Judd, the winner will have the opportunity to photograph the vineyards, the cellar and other parts of the winery and also to soak in the passion and subtlety associated with wine.

In addition, this competition offers amateur photo buffs the opportunity to present their work in front of communication professionals.


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