4th international Grape and wine photo exhibit

Old Stones and Architectural Heritage in the Vineyard

In 2009, the exhibit was focus on old stones and on architectural heritage in the vineyard. The  Estates & Wines "Discover the Flavours of the World" Award has honour the best amateur photographer with a trip to New Zealand. Selected have been photos will be exhibited to the general public and to professionals from the wine and film industries.

Each year during Oenovideo, the world’s oldest documentary film festival about grapes and wine, a unique photo exhibit known as Terroirs d’images is held. The best works from both amateur and professional photographers are chosen for display. Each year, a different theme is selected. For 2009, the theme will be “Old Stones and Architectural Heritage in the Vineyard”. In 2008, more than 650 photos by 50 photographers, from both France and elsewhere, were entered in the competition.

Vineyards: Realms of Memory

The vineyard has always been a site of labour and of life. Over the centuries, grape growers have built shelters, walls and reservoirs using materials found locally. History has also passed down to us other structures, though rarer, located in the middle of vineyards: wind mills, chapels, crosses, altars, basins, fountains, towers and lighthouses amongst others.

These structures sitting amidst the vines are testimony to rural traditions and lifestyles that have long since disappeared. In each region of France and in other grape-growing countries, these buildings take on forms and bear names that are indicative of local resources and usages.

Amateur and professional photographers: these charming cabins, these lonely huts, these realms of memory await you. Bring this heritage back to life with your photos!!

This is an opportunity for photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, to show off their work and their passion. Each year, the awards ceremony is held in September at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris.

Download your registration packet now at www.oenovideo.oeno.tm.fr

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Estates & Wines Award: "Discover the Flavours of the World"

For the fourth straight year, exhibit partner Estates & Wines will present the  "Discover the Flavours of the World" Award to an amateur photographer.

In 1985, David Hohnen, winery founder, and Kevin Judd, winemaker-photographer, let their pioneering spirit lead them to Marlborough, on the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island, with the goal of making a Sauvignon Blanc with unique, yet powerful aromas. In short time, Cloudy Bay became “the” reference in New Zealand for Sauvignon Blanc. Today, that reputation for high quality extends to Cloudy Bay’s other wines.

The winner of the “Discover the Flavours of the World” Award will enjoy a week-long trip to New Zealand to visit Cloudy Bay. Along with the winery crew and photographer Kevin Judd, the winner will have the opportunity to photograph the vineyards, the cellar, etc. and to soak up the passion for wine and for quality that reigns throughout the winery.

This contest also gives amateur photographers the opportunity to present their work to professionals in the communications industry


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