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Mai 2010

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Visuels OENOVIDEO en haute définition

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Fiction and Documentary films, Videos, and Photographs:
Original pictures from the whole world

4 days meeting dedicated to all passionately fond of wine, cinema and photography

The curious public, the diligent connaisseur, and the experienced expert of wine, cinema and photography, will gather to share their passion during the Ascension day week-end (13-16 may, 2010) in Aigues-Mortes. A deep and emotional journey into the heart of the world of cinematographic production focused on revealing the cultural and historical richness of grape and wine.

4 intense-filled days: a program of high-quality films, an international picture exhibition, a friendly gathering in the exceptional setting of Jarras-Listel Domaine. The festival is an unique opportunity for all those who wish to share and discover the creativity involved in the quest to enhance the imagery of grape and wine.

Official selection : 29 films, 17 countries, 2 previews

The programme: projection of 29 nominated films (out of 91 in competition) ; preview of 2 feature-films ("The Vintner's Luck" by New Zealand film-director Niki Caro with Gaspard Ulliel, and "Corked", an American comedy fiction) ; an "odorama" projection (synchronisation of pictures, sounds and odors) and a great number of film formats from 17 different countries (documentaries, fictions, in short or full length films) ; altogether more than 17 hours original pictures from the whole world.

Between each performance, the festival public will be able to visit the greatest wine-district in Europe, in a fantastic countryside, the usual living-place of flamingos.

The president of the Grand Jury 2010 will be Edouard Molinaro, as a film-director, actor and script-writer.

An exhibition of 110 exceptional photographies

Terroirs d’images : an immersion into Water and Vine universe.
More than 1500 works from 172 amateur or professional photographers from 14 countries were in competition for the 5th International Photo Exhibit on Grape and Wine. These photographs, all about the theme "Water and Vine" will be exhibited in the splendid "Cellier des Foudres" in Jarras Domaine.

The perfect harmony between the place (Camargue “Sands” terroir) and the theme of 2010 exhibition makes the Festival a unique opportunity to celebrate the encounter between nature, water, photography, grape and wine.

The exhibition opening day will be on Thursday the 13th of May at 12.00 at Jarras Listel Domain.

2011 theme : Trees & woods, from vine to cellar

Jura - France

À l’invitation de la ville d'Arbois